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I Attempt From Love’s Sickness To Fly (Henry Purcell) – Feona Lee Jones

Feona Lee Jones (Alto) performance of “I Attempt From Love’s Sickness To Fly” by Henry Purcell. Accompanied on piano by Nayoung Jung.

Henry Purcell, a master of English Baroque music, presents us with a poignant musical journey in his renowned composition, “I Attempt From Love’s Sickness To Fly.” This expressive song, originally part of the semi-opera “The Indian Queen,” showcases Purcell’s ability to capture the depths of human emotion through music. With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic richness, the piece explores the universal theme of yearning and longing for freedom from the pain of unrequited love. Through Purcell’s exquisite harmonies, delicate ornamentation, and dramatic phrasing, “I Attempt From Love’s Sickness To Fly” stands as a testament to the enduring power of music to convey profound emotional experiences.


Meet The Instructor

Meet the Instructor! I am teaching remotely and in-person (for some students). If you are interested in lessons, feel free to reach out to me feonalee[at]gmail.com. I am teaching/mentoring people one-on-one in-person and virtually. Anything music-related: piano lessons, music theory, composition, songwriting, improv, etc. Watch video below for more details! 🎼🎹🎤🎬 PS: I’m not taking on very beginner students (I’m mainly looking for students who have had some music experience) ✨🎼 My Credentials/Degrees include: B.A. in Piano Performance (Mills College) M.F.A. in Mixed-Media and Electronic Music (Mills College) M.A. in Composition (UCSC) I am currently working on my Sound Healing Certification (Institute of Sound Healing) I am currently working on my PhD in Composition (UCLA)