Feona Lee Jones currently lives in California, where she works as a freelance composer, pianist, and teacher. As a composer and pianist, she continues to explore her own musical language, influenced by classical, jazz, North Indian classical, avantgarde film, experimental theatre, and electronics. Her music has been performed in the United States, Iceland, and Poland. She has been commissioned and had works premiered by prestigious ensembles, organizations, and artists such as the Del Sol String Quartet, Composers Inc., Galen Lemmon’s Percussion Ensemble, Awesome Orchestra, The Humane League, Opera on the Spot, Luger Hofmann-Engl, Invoke String Quartet, and Roberto Granados. Never satisfied with a single medium, she has worked in concert music, film music, interactive games, and most recently, opera. She is actively composing, performing, and teaching throughout California.


As a composer, I strive to cross the cultural sound barrier, to erase existing boundaries between modern and ancient, East and West, masculine and feminine, physical and spiritual. Challenging norms and experimenting with possibilities in the sonic realm is at the core of my work as an artist. I hope to bridge disciplines working with and across disciplines. I avoid stereotypical ways of working with these media and have found my voice as a composer unifying them. Like most art forms, I believe the function of music is to create an experience, so that each work evokes a new conclusion, and is dynamic and evolving in nature.