2019 CAPMT Commissioned Composer Program

“Feona’s string quartet Adrenaline struck me instantly with its power and energy and provocative musicality. Not only is it beautifully written for the instruments and the medium, but it possesses sophistication and originality. I am always looking for work that has a true musical voice, a message that speaks out beyond the craft, and is written for performers. Feona’s music does. Watching the performers of this quartet it is clear that they agree!”

–Craig Richey, CAPMT Commissioned Composer Chair

21st Century Music Blogspot: Water for Notes / Mark Alburger

Designing Sound: Inspirations / Distractions

“Haunting, rich and beautiful. Your music illuminates a dimension to this stunning film that I never perceived before. There was a seminal period of great scoring in the 30s-60s, with towering figures like Hermann, Tiomkin, North and so many others. Your music evokes a sensibility (a connection to dissonant and atonal experimentation) that is sadly lacking in film scoring today. I would take a MasterClass with you over Hans Zimmer any day.”