Telepathic Birds

Telepathic Birds is a dreamy, melancholic, ambient, synth pop, shoegaze-y, new wave, space rock trio, with punk rock undertones (think Air, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode, Devo, Love & Rockets, New Order, Ladytron, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, and The Pixies all mixed together). The band was originally created with Tony Cameron in 2013 in Concord, CA. The music is moody (think Portishead but not triphop-y), heavily layered, and less dance-y.


Feona Lee Jones (vocals, keyboards)
Dave Meany (bass)
Dorian Demetrulias (drums)
Neil Hagge (keyboards, accordion)
Tony Cameron (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards)
Marzuki Grinage (bass)
Dylan Habegger (drums)
David Kirk Anderson (drums)
Moe Staiano (drums, percussion)
Wes Anderson (drums)
Ricky Marasigon (keyboards, backing vocals)

Telepathic Birds are space explorers who have come here to Earth to bring people together through their mysterious, bird-like, insect, space-y, Persephone-like presence. They have come to be a Beacon of Light and Love to guide others in reconnecting with their essence and stepping fully into peace, love, and vulnerability. Their music is both dreamy, melancholic, and uplifting–bridging the shadow and the light– the underworld and the heavens–bringing light to the darkness, and depth to the light–creating opportunities for worldly Beings to “transition” in peace.

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