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BLACK SABBATH – [Music & Frequency Podcast] – Mario & Feona

In this podcast, we deep dive into the music of Black Sabbath, looking at it from various angles. We discuss their influences, how they use timbre, melody, harmony, and rhythm to create their unique sound. Watch to find out more!

Black Sabbath, the pioneering heavy metal band, holds a unique place in the annals of music history. Their music, steeped in dark and heavy riffs, explores a sonic landscape that can be examined through music theory lens. Tony Iommi’s iconic guitar work often features heavy use of power chords, combining a root note with a perfect fifth to create a rich and ominous sound. The band’s frequent utilization of the tritone, known as the “Devil’s Interval,” adds to their signature dark and dissonant atmosphere. In terms of song structure, Black Sabbath’s compositions often incorporate traditional verse-chorus formats but also embrace extended instrumental passages and unconventional song lengths. Their music exemplifies the fusion of blues-inspired rock with darker tonalities, creating a sonic palette that has profoundly influenced the heavy metal genre and beyond.


The Dimensions Dance [for Orchestra] – Feona Lee Jones

“The Dimensions Dance” is a piece for orchestra I wrote in 2021. I was heavily influenced by black and white/film noir soundtracks and many others (especially Bernard Herrmann, David Raksin, Jerry Goldsmith, Ennio Morricone, Henry Mancini, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Lisa Gerrard, Frank Zappa, Ligeti, John Carpenter, Danny Elfman, Tim Burton, Muddy Waters, etc.). Enjoy! *Contact me if you would like to purchase the full score: feonalee[at]gmail.com