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BJORK – Music & Frequency Podcast – Mario & Feona

In this podcast, Mario and Feona discuss Bjork’s music, personality, and soul through the lens of her music, astrology, and human design charts. Watch to find out more!

Björk, the Icelandic musical genius, captivates audiences with her innovative soundscapes, eclectic personality, and soulful expression. Exploring her music, astrology, and human design charts reveals a multifaceted artist driven by a unique creative vision. Björk’s music transcends genres, combining elements of electronic, pop, and avant-garde to create a sonic tapestry that defies categorization. Her celestial influences, as reflected in her astrology chart, uncover her visionary spirit, independence, and emotional depth. Furthermore, delving into her human design chart unveils her innate ability to push boundaries, experiment fearlessly, and authentically express her individuality. Björk’s music is a reflection of her dynamic and multifaceted nature, drawing listeners into her world and challenging them to embrace their own uniqueness. With each mesmerizing note and poetic lyric, Björk invites us to embark on a soul-stirring journey, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and connecting us to the depths of human emotion.


I was in Finland & Iceland for the last 2 months

Over the summer, I traveled to Finland with a couple of friends for the Savonlinna Opera Festival, which was incredible. For the Finns, music is as important as eating, drinking, and going to the sauna. Basically music is a BIG deal there. More operas are premiered in Finland than any other country in the world. House concerts were common and the musicians were the best I’ve heard.

The photo below was taken at the Gulf of Bothnia around 11pm. We were above the Arctic Circle so the sun set only for a few hours before rising again. It was like this my entire trip!

The second part of my trip was in Isafjordur, Iceland where I stayed for a composer residency where I worked on my opera. I got to spend all day at the piano at the music school. It was unbelievable how I could concentrate so deeply. There was no static like there is here in the USA (so many wifi signals destroying brain cells). In Iceland I had limited access to wifi and internet, which helped me be fully immersed in composing. There was also 23 hours of daylight. I found that I did not need much sleep. I would go to bed between 2am-4am and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to begin my day. I did this for several weeks and never felt burnt out. It was vacation. I felt I was able to access a deeper realm of consciousness there, that I have not been able to access in everyday life. It was definitely an experience I will never forget. So many beautiful memories and beautiful sightings were experienced. There is nothing else quite like Iceland.