Ana’s Story
2018, by N.A.S.P. (original score)

Adriana and Valeria’s Story
2018, by N.A.S.P. (original score)

Monica’s Story
2018, by N.A.S.P. (original score)

Factory Farming Documentary
2017, by The Humane League (original score)

Animated Films

Animated Bird Film
2017, by Abigail Debusk (original score)

Short Films

Everything OK
2017, by Sarah Lee (original score)

The Grim Reapers
2016, by Dianna Ippolito (original score)

Swerve Promo Video
2016, by Swerve (original score)

Aumakua Healing Center Promo Video
2016, by Aumakua Heart Center (original score)

Julia’s Drive to Independence
2013, by The Megapixel (original score)

Love Your Veterans
2013, by Patrick F. Holman (original score)

You’re Not Welcome Comedy Skit
2013, by Patrick F. Holman (original score)

Kristine Carlson’s Heart-Broken Open (Book Trailer)
2010, by A. Raven Cruz (solo piano performance)

Feature Films

The Victorians
2017, by Studio Seven Films (music licensing)

Marc & Cleo
2014, by Hypersigil Films (original score)

Painting Joan of Arc
2011, by Aaron Fagerstrom (solo piano performance)


Awakened Life Movement Podcast
2015, by Christina Marie (Intro Music)

Interactive Music

3D Maze Prototype
2017 – An interactive soundscape I created for GSC’s 2017 Demo Derby. Original audio was composed in Ableton Live and implemented into Unity using Wwise.

2D Platformer Prototype
2016 – A level Brett Shipes and I put together for GDC’s 2016 Demo Derby.

Brett Shipes – Game concept, technical implementation, & programming
Feona Lee Jones – Original Score

Epic Duel
2015 – A two-player real-time motion-controlled battle game featuring a symphonic metal score within a highly adaptive custom audio engine.

Brett Shipes – Game concept & programming
Feona Lee Jones – Original Score
Brandon Hanson – Guitarist extraordinaire!