Hand Analysis

How would your life CHANGE if you knew your exact life purpose? —aka your reason for Being here? Scientific Hand Analysis is like palmistry but not predictive—it is scientific. I attended the IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis) and learned how to read fingerprints to help clients to discover their Specific Life Purpose, Life Lessons, and School. Want to know what your hands and fingerprints have to say about you?

I am a Certified Advanced Hand Analyst with over 8 years experience, and read over 1000 pairs of hands. I graduated from the International Institute of Hand Analysis in 2011 with Richard and Alana Unger as my teachers.

I believe most people are miserable because they are living lives that do not belong to them. No one can truly be happy or fulfilled when they are not honoring the path that was specifically designed for them. I will help you awaken to the life you were meant to live, which is a life that is filled with passion, excitement, and fulfillment on the highest level possible.

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“Feona has a gentle and direct way of giving a reading. She moves through it like a musical score with a pace and rhythm that carries you along. The reading is energetic and does not get sidetracked in anecdotes. I had a 30-minute reading with Feona, usually the readings are one hour and I feel she gave me as much as she could in that time.”