Hand Analysis

How would your life CHANGE if you knew your exact LIFE PURPOSE? (a.k.a. your reason for Being here?)

“The Iroquois Indians say that if we fail to honor the ‘wishes of the soul’ (as opposed to ego agendas), the soul will distance itself from us, leaving us prone to sickness and bad luck, putting us on the road of the walking dead.”

— Robert Moss; Shaman, Author, Healer

I believe most people are unhappy because they are living lives that do not belong to them. No one can truly be happy or fulfilled when they are not honoring the path that was specifically designed for them.

How many of you were born knowing exactly who you wanted to be and what you wanted to do?

There are people like Beethoven and Mozart who were born knowing that being a creator of music would make their soul’s sing.

Buddha did not know his life purpose until one day after nearly starving himself to death, and after meditating for 49 days, finally reached Enlightenment, and became a spiritual teacher, teaching the Middle Way.

What if you have not had such a life-altering revelation? How are you supposed to know your life purpose?

Well, there is actually a Life Purpose map printed on your body 5 month prior to your birth—your fingerprints! Your fingerprints, which are unchanging and used to identify people, contain the information that reveals your life purpose.

Like an acorn that may grow into a fully –grown oak tree, your fingerprints allow you to see that person in you, you are destined to become.

Using Scientific Hand Analysis—which is like palmistry but not predictive—I help clients awaken to the life they are meant to live, which is a life filled with passion, excitement, and fulfillment on the highest level possible.

What is Hand Analysis?

Hand Analysis weaves together the ancient art of palmistry with the modern science of Dermatoglyphics. The palmistry aspect deals with the lines, gift markers, and hand shape, which are somewhat changeable and determines more of the personality aspects. The Dermatoglyphics portion deals with the fingerprints and it is through our fingerprints that our Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and School are determined, making up our Soul’s Agenda—basically your Soul’s Purpose and mission for being here this lifetime. Soul Agenda=Life Purpose + Life Lessons+ School.

What Can I Expect During a Hand Analysis Reading?

During a reading I explore both your Personality Psychology and Soul Psychology. Personality Psychology is revealed in the lines, hand shape, and gift markers. The lines and hand shape are somewhat changeable so they relate to the personality. Soul Psychology is revealed in your fingerprints, which are unchanging and reveal you specific Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and School. Together these three elements make up your Soul’s Agenda or reason for Being here.

What is Life Purpose?

Your Life Purpose is a state of consciousness your soul craves to inhabit every second of the day. It is where life feels yummy and you find the greatest sense of meaning and fulfillment. Knowing your life purpose is (in my opinion) the BEST thing you can do for yourself. It is your Right life, and will help you see the big picture and understand the significance of previous and present circumstances and events and see your part in the revealing of your life. If you are a swimmer, your Life Purpose would be your strongest stroke.

What is Life Lesson?

Your Life Lesson is a state of consciousness that you came here to develop and learn more about in order to excel in your Life Purpose. Your Life Lesson includes your challenges and fears that tend to hold us back from living the life we are meant to live, but provide opportunities for growth if explored more. If you are a swimmer, your Life Lesson would be your weakest stroke.

What is Life School?

Your Life School is the general flavor of all your experiences. It’s the lens from which you view and experience all the circumstances in your life. There are four schools and combinations of these schools. If you are a swimmer, your Life School would be the water you swim in.

Want to know what your hands say about you?

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, head, and heart is an artist.”

— St. Francis of Assisi


I am a Certified Advanced Hand Analyst with over 8 years experience. I graduated in 2011 at the IIHA (International Institute of Hand Analysis) under the tutelage of Richard and Alana Unger, where I learned how to read fingerprints to help clients to discover their Specific Life Purpose, Life Lessons, and School (theme of their life), as well as any gift and challenge markers. Since then I have read over 1000 pairs of hands.

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“Feona’s hand analysis was very affirming and empowering. She read with such clarity and expertise. It was quite clear how patient and generous she was when I was processing, even through she had a lot of information to cover. Her reading gave me more confidence and courage to move forward using my gifts and live from my authentic self. I also feel this information will help me be more successful out there in the world. When she read my hands I recognized the truth and know I can choose to act upon it.”

— Karen Parish

“I had a Hand Analysis from Feona and it was the most accurate deep dive into who I am, what I am here for, and what I am here for! Treat your self to your own deep dive with her.”

—Asha Stokes

“I’m endorsing a friend who does professional hand readings. It’s interesting that this very talented and intuitive woman is also a classical pianist who teaches both children and adults. I have been to numerous recitals over the years and seen the children grow into excellent pianists. Like wise she has studied the science of reading hands from inked handprints. She has the sensitivity and knowledge of how the markings on hands tell of a persons’ character and their inherent abilities. She has done readings for 4 of my family members.”

— Suzanne Cerny

“Feona has a gentle and direct way of giving a reading. She moves through it like a musical score with a pace and rhythm that carries you along. The reading is energetic and does not get sidetracked in anecdotes. I had a 30-minute reading with Feona, usually the readings are one hour and I feel she gave me as much as she could in that time.”

— Ellen

“Thank you very much for your reading today, and thank you for the coffee too!  Your reading was insightful and really gives a different perspective.  Really fascinating, and this was my first glimpse into this area of study.  Frankly, I think I gained a lot by your reading today  — a different perspective, and fascinating overlook, with thoughts to ponder.”

— L.W.

“I met with Feona J. for hand analysis, and I have to say I was really impressed.  She was able to relay good informative information on the subject matter, and talk about useful life guiding tactics that applied specifically to me. Using hand analysis as the framework, she demonstrated great verbal tact with explaining certain personal obstacles I may struggle with, and then proceeded to share thoughts on how to manage and find balance with those struggles. I think that she will only continue to progress in this trade, and I would return seeing her.”

— Kim C.

“I am very impressed with this young lady, Even being in the healing arts myself there’s a few things we don’t all know,  that’s what separates us apart ,and this hand analysis was one that amazed me…I loved the way she felt so comfortable with speaking with me, and just plain knew her stuff. She told me about what I have always felt inside, but thought it was just me, but it wasn’t… it was fingerprinted in me before I was born…so fascinating! We will be seeing a lot more from this lady in the future. I’m so blessed to have been one of her firsts… to know your souls purpose, at a glance of fingerprints is just amazing! thank you Feona! Don’t stop, your going to do so well at this …love & light  with this incredible endeavor…”

Angel Vetrano, Founder & CEO, Angel’s Mystic Readings & More, California

“This hand readings and life purpose coaching sessions felt very focused. There was a lot of attention to detail. I definitely felt heard and connected with regards to the issues I was dealing with. She gave very good examples and metaphors that matched my life experience. We were able to work on my specific goals and my overall goals. She was incredibly skillful in identifying the direction that I was going towards. I feel an increase in my confidence that the work is directly furthering my connection to my life’s purpose.”

  Jay San Juan, California

“Whether you believe in hand analysis or not, Feona is passionate about hand analysis and it is that passion that sets her readings apart.  She makes sure you fully understand your reading by providing detailed descriptions, analogies, scenarios, and shares stories.  She is intelligent and confident in her knowledge about hand analysis, if there is something she is not sure of in your analysis she is eager to learn it, and it is so comfortable chatting with her.  I was impressed with the analysis and hope she continues to share her passion and continues to share insights into personal and soul psychology!”

  Jessica Rowley, Los Angeles, California

“Feona is very thorough and insightful.  She takes the time to examine thoroughly every marking and puts them all into perspective in a way that makes total sense.  Rather than just going by the book, she takes the whole picture into account. This was very helpful!”

  Sarah Rubin, Founder & CEO, Sacred Bliss Acupressure, Concord, California